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Week 7 November 20, 2011

Filed under: Uncategorized — Sarah @ 5:18 pm

Well, week 7 has been another hectic one! On Sunday we went to see a movie at the student cinema, which turned out to be so disgusting we left after 20 minutes…here is hoping this Sunday night’s film is better! It should be, as this time we are going for light-hearted family comedy – Kung Fu Panda 2 😀
I also got drunk on wine for the first time ever this week. I did not realise how strong that stuff is! But we were only in the flat anyway, so we all just got the warm happy drunk feeling where everything was 10x funnier than it would be normally – that is things which are not even funny were wet-yourself-hilarious.
Then we also ordered dominoes for the first time this week after a night out (they deliver until 5 in the morning). And I must say, their chicken wings with herb dip are amazing. Simply amazing!
The workload is still fairly high, and I have had to do an essay this week, which was depressing. For starters I had to work, and secondly because I seem to have lost the ability to write well, and so it is a very muddled essay. Also, despite the fact that I have read lots for it, it doesn’t seem like I have somehow when reading the essay which is frustrating. And referencing makes me want to kill myself. (Not literally :P)
So yeah, I think that is a fair update on what is going on over here, and I will update again next Sunday 😀


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