Year in the life of a Fresher

A blog outlining a year in the life of a first time university student

Weeks 3-6 November 11, 2011

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Well, I suppose this is a classic part of being a fresher: never keeping to deadlines! Sorry for not posting for the past few weeks, but with everything going on, I had completely forgotten!
Anyway, an update. I feel like the people I have met are actually my friends now, we have coffee routines for example, and we always meet up and sit together in class 🙂 I’ve got to know the flat-mates a whole lot better too now, and we do things together on the weekends like go shopping, ice-skating, to the cinema etc.
My cooking skills are also slowly improving! I had to buy a new baking tray the other day because when making pizza I literally burnt a hole through the bottom of it. It was some immense cooking. Sadly the pizza wasn’t really worth it…but I guess that’s what you get for buying a bargain brand and saying to yourself “a pizzas a pizza right?”. A word of advice. A pizza is not a pizza. The extra £1 is worth it. Trust me.
Luckily the craziness of freshers fortnight has also died down, and now we only go out once or twice a week, which is good for both my liver and my routine, because now I can generally get up in the mornings when the clock is still in single digits! (although sometimes a mid-afternoon nap is required).
My parents also visited me last weekend, which was good because they brought me up some food 😀 I also went shopping with my mum and brought myself a new pair of boots – desperately needed – mine were letting in water and having soggy feet in lectures just adds to the discomfort of the too-straight-backed-benches!
Anyway, that is pretty much it for what has been going on…I have the adventure of trying to find the post room tommorow (I have already run out of ink) so wish me luck!


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