Year in the life of a Fresher

A blog outlining a year in the life of a first time university student

Week Three! October 25, 2011

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Still exhausted! So very, very exhausted! It’s funny really, I used to hate having to go to bed, but now it hits around 12 and I start to think of bed. And I take naps. Actual naps, like 1 or 2 hour naps. Its getting ridiculous! And with the ever increasing workload I need to start going to bed properly again, early to bed so I can actually wake up in the mornings again.

But on the bright side, I actually feel now like I have friends πŸ˜€
I am becoming a lot closer with the people in my flat which is nice, we go out together a lot and we plan stuff too like movie nights and ice-skating. I am also doing a lot better on the whole course friends front too now. I have befriended a few girls on the course and a couple of guys and we sit together in class. Then after class we will go and get coffee or lunch, and the other night we all met in one of our halls and watched a movie, which was lovely πŸ™‚ So yeah, I am feeling a lot happier now I have friends again! I guess that is a massive worry when coming to university: will I make friends? (See the before I came to uni post!) But I feel a lot better now I have people I can talk to and sit with etc. which is always good! So yeah, everything is going well, and I am getting a lot better at finding my way around too. I also bumped into some people in a club from my old school the other night (but from the year above) which was quite comforting, which I know sounds weird, but its nice to know that there are people from where you are from!

Anyway, I have a 50 page paper to read and highlight, and this was my break, so I should go and read it! I will update again next week on how everything is going πŸ™‚


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