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Week 7 November 20, 2011

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Well, week 7 has been another hectic one! On Sunday we went to see a movie at the student cinema, which turned out to be so disgusting we left after 20 minutes…here is hoping this Sunday night’s film is better! It should be, as this time we are going for light-hearted family comedy – Kung Fu Panda 2 😀
I also got drunk on wine for the first time ever this week. I did not realise how strong that stuff is! But we were only in the flat anyway, so we all just got the warm happy drunk feeling where everything was 10x funnier than it would be normally – that is things which are not even funny were wet-yourself-hilarious.
Then we also ordered dominoes for the first time this week after a night out (they deliver until 5 in the morning). And I must say, their chicken wings with herb dip are amazing. Simply amazing!
The workload is still fairly high, and I have had to do an essay this week, which was depressing. For starters I had to work, and secondly because I seem to have lost the ability to write well, and so it is a very muddled essay. Also, despite the fact that I have read lots for it, it doesn’t seem like I have somehow when reading the essay which is frustrating. And referencing makes me want to kill myself. (Not literally :P)
So yeah, I think that is a fair update on what is going on over here, and I will update again next Sunday 😀


Weeks 3-6 November 11, 2011

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Well, I suppose this is a classic part of being a fresher: never keeping to deadlines! Sorry for not posting for the past few weeks, but with everything going on, I had completely forgotten!
Anyway, an update. I feel like the people I have met are actually my friends now, we have coffee routines for example, and we always meet up and sit together in class 🙂 I’ve got to know the flat-mates a whole lot better too now, and we do things together on the weekends like go shopping, ice-skating, to the cinema etc.
My cooking skills are also slowly improving! I had to buy a new baking tray the other day because when making pizza I literally burnt a hole through the bottom of it. It was some immense cooking. Sadly the pizza wasn’t really worth it…but I guess that’s what you get for buying a bargain brand and saying to yourself “a pizzas a pizza right?”. A word of advice. A pizza is not a pizza. The extra £1 is worth it. Trust me.
Luckily the craziness of freshers fortnight has also died down, and now we only go out once or twice a week, which is good for both my liver and my routine, because now I can generally get up in the mornings when the clock is still in single digits! (although sometimes a mid-afternoon nap is required).
My parents also visited me last weekend, which was good because they brought me up some food 😀 I also went shopping with my mum and brought myself a new pair of boots – desperately needed – mine were letting in water and having soggy feet in lectures just adds to the discomfort of the too-straight-backed-benches!
Anyway, that is pretty much it for what has been going on…I have the adventure of trying to find the post room tommorow (I have already run out of ink) so wish me luck!


Week Three! October 25, 2011

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Still exhausted! So very, very exhausted! It’s funny really, I used to hate having to go to bed, but now it hits around 12 and I start to think of bed. And I take naps. Actual naps, like 1 or 2 hour naps. Its getting ridiculous! And with the ever increasing workload I need to start going to bed properly again, early to bed so I can actually wake up in the mornings again.

But on the bright side, I actually feel now like I have friends 😀
I am becoming a lot closer with the people in my flat which is nice, we go out together a lot and we plan stuff too like movie nights and ice-skating. I am also doing a lot better on the whole course friends front too now. I have befriended a few girls on the course and a couple of guys and we sit together in class. Then after class we will go and get coffee or lunch, and the other night we all met in one of our halls and watched a movie, which was lovely 🙂 So yeah, I am feeling a lot happier now I have friends again! I guess that is a massive worry when coming to university: will I make friends? (See the before I came to uni post!) But I feel a lot better now I have people I can talk to and sit with etc. which is always good! So yeah, everything is going well, and I am getting a lot better at finding my way around too. I also bumped into some people in a club from my old school the other night (but from the year above) which was quite comforting, which I know sounds weird, but its nice to know that there are people from where you are from!

Anyway, I have a 50 page paper to read and highlight, and this was my break, so I should go and read it! I will update again next week on how everything is going 🙂


Second week! October 15, 2011

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Hello again 😀

The first week went by so slowly, yet this week seemed to absolutely rush by! I have had lectures all week again, which have all been understandable so far! The amount of reading I have to do is also mounting up now! I have also made some friends in the psychology classes which is good, so I can sit with them and chat and I have met up with them a couple of times outside of class, so I feel I have been doing very well!

I was also my birthday this week, and some family members came and took me out for dinner, and then when I got back my flat-mates had brought me a chocolate cake and candles and what-not and had a surprise birthday arty for me, which was lovely. Last night was also a really good night because you could wear anything but clothes to the club, so we got creative with some tin foil. We also had a movie night the other evening, all crammed into one bedroom around a small television.

My cooking is also getting better, and more sophisticated…I have been shopping a few times, and also managed to successfully wash my clothes in the launderette. It was actually really good because I found £1.50 in the machine, which must have fallen out of someones pocket, meaning I only had to pay 50p extra in order to wash my clothes – result!

Anyway, it is now 4 in the afternoon, and I haven’t eaten anything yet, so I am going to say goodbye and update you again on the life of a fresher again next week 🙂 Have a good week!


The first week October 8, 2011

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So I have now been at university for exactly a week, and I’m pretty sure it has been the longest week of my entire life! It feels like I have been here forever!

I moved in on Saturday, and it was very hectic as I had to go round handing in forms, picking things up etc, like my university card and my freshers pass and T-shirt. I also met most of my new flat-mates, who all seemed very nice. At first it was exceedingly awkward meeting everyone however, as there was very little to talk about. You would expect that meeting new people would actually give you more to talk about, but (perhaps obviously to some of you) the only kind of talk you can really engage in is small talk, as you don’t know them well enough to have a personal conversation.

Anyway, so on Saturday evening we all went out as a flat to the first freshers party, which to be honest was a serious let-down. As only half the people had moved in on the Saturday, there were hardly any people in the club. However in hindsight this may have been a good thing, as we went to the bar instead to have drinks, and consequently got to know each other a bit better.

On Sunday the same awkwardness followed, with some boredom as throughout the day we had very little to do. Again in the evening we went out, and it was actually much better this time. There were far more people in the club, which gave it a much better atmosphere. This is also where my first real experience of doing something stupid during freshers started. I met a guy who actually lives in the flat above us, and so the people from our flat sort of joined with the people from their flat to dance. Anyway, for the sake of making the story easier to understand, I am going to name the guy Rob. I have given him a fake name in case anyone I know reads this. Anyway, Rob and I were both dancing with the people from our flats, and with it being so crowded and so many people coming and going, I was getting pushed around a fair bit (I am also pretty tiny, which doesn’t help matters) Anyway, I was drunk and he was drunk and we ended up dancing together with his hands on my waist. There was also this other guy who I really didn’t like. He was 26 years old (this I found out later) and very pushy. I genuinely don’t know his name. Anyway, he then kept yelling in my ear to kiss Rob (and more, but I won’t put some of the more vulgar things he said in writing). Now before you judge me, I was slightly drunk. Anyway, so by this point I really felt like I was being pressured into kissing Rob, especially when he started trying to tilt my head towards his. So you probably know what happened next. I kissed him. And it probably lasted all of 4 seconds before I pulled away again. I’m just not the kind of girl to do things like that. Anyway, I then ran away from him. (When I say run, I really mean I squeezed away from him using the crowd to make sure he couldn’t follow me easily) I’m not sure why I did that, I wasn’t feeling threatened by him or anything, and he did seem like a nice guy, but I didn’t want to be kissing a guy who’s surname I don’t know. I personally find it bizarre to have a physical intimacy without having any kind of emotional intimacy. So yeah, that was the first, and so far the last, stupid thing I have done during freshers. When I got home I kept thinking what a bad thing to have done it was, but in hindsight, although this story (at least to me) makes me sound awful, another part of me isn’t that bothered. It was, afterall, only a kiss.

Onto Monday. It was SO hard to wake up on Monday morning! We had an introductory lecture and then we had to meet our personal tutors etc. A full week of lectures then followed, which of course as you can imagine meant having the trouble of finding my way around all the different places. I was actually surprised that I managed to find everywhere alright, with only one exception where I got lost and couldn’t find the right place for a good 15 minutes. So the lectures so far have all been very interesting, and I have brought some books (which cost me a very upsetting figure to buy).

However although I am getting on well with my flat mates as we see each other every day and go out together, I am finding it very hard to make friends with the people on my course. Because we are usually in lectures with only very small seminar groups, I am struggling a lot to make friends, as I seem to meet different people everyday! The annoying thing is that other people don’t seem to be having this problem! But then some people have other people in their flats doing the same subject, so can just make friends with them and walk with them etc. There is one girl I already know who went to my school, but as I can’t walk with her or anything, as she is in different accommodation, which makes it very hard to meet up with her beforehand. I have also met a few other people, however they all seem to already be in a ‘group’ and so I feel somewhat of an outsider, despite it only being the second week! Anyway, that is the only thing which I would say is upsetting me. However when I try and look on the bright side, I realise that other people must be in the same boat as me, and if I loudly introduce myself to enough people, then hopefully these other people will realise I am a friendly person and sit next to me if they ever see me again. We will have to see how it goes! So the lack of seminars is annoying, however once a week we have research groups, which is a quarter of the people in the lectures, so I am hoping also if I make friends in there, then I might meet someone from the same accommodation as me, or someone feeling equally lonely at the moment, and they can become my lecture buddy! We will have to see! Every time I feel myself feeling sad or lonely, these are the words I try to repeat to myself, and try and convince myself it is indeed only the first week.

Anyway, I think I have updated you pretty fully on the first week, and I will do the same next week, and hopefully there will be a more cheerful update on the friends front. In the meantime if you want to leave any comments on how it would be easier for me to make friends in lectures, then any advice is gratefully received!


Before I go… September 27, 2011

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I was planning on starting this blog from the day I arrive until the day I leave, however after much deliberation, I thought it might give a better picture if I started a little beforehand. So it is now three days until I embark into the big wide world all on my own for the first time. I am going to be a country girl from a small school, venturing into a city. Luckily the university is a campus based one, so it shouldn’t be too overwhelming…I hope!

Anyway, I just wanted say how I feel about leaving. Mostly I am actually nervous. I am also excited, but especially as my time at home runs out, I am mainly feeling the nerves now. I suppose these are the same sort of nerves which come with starting anything new; what if I don’t make friends, what if I get lost, what if I’m homesick, what if I hate the course? Well, as these were all fears I got upon starting secondary school (maybe not the last two so much) the rational part of me is saying not to worry. I have had these fears before and everything has been fine. Why would I not make friends…I am a nice person. If you are worried about getting lost…leave a bit earlier each day until you get used to the place. Why would you feel homesick…you haven’t before. Why wouldn’t you like the course…it sounds great. However fear and anxiety sadly don’t come from the rational part of me, but rather the irrational part. Sadly the irrational part also seems to control my dreams, because I have been having a few sleepless nights lately.

Anyway, as my departure approaches, I thought it apt to share these concerns, because in a way they are a major part of the whole going to university experience! Anyway, I am going to spend the next few days packing and worrying, and should update when I arrive, or a few days after. So wish me luck!


Introduction September 22, 2011

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Ok, so I am going to be starting university for the first time in a couple of weeks, and so I wanted to do a blog on the year in the life of a fresher. I try and update the blog every Sunday, however to start with (first couple of weeks) this might not be accurate, as it will be freshers fortnight, so I might update more/less often, and not on Sundays. So far I have got accommodation, been collecting things for university (kitchen stuff etc.) and have brought a Freshers Passport Will update when I start university!